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Because, every voice matters

Having Qball in the room sends a clear message that every voice is worth hearing.

Apathy transforms into engagement, like magic. Shazam!

Choose your own adventure

There are *so* many ways to Qball! Where will you use yours?






Boardrooms + Training

Qball in action

World, meet the incredible Emerson!

See how the Qball transforms classroom culture by showing students that every voice matters and needs to be heard.

Swimming with Sharks

From Shark Tank to the classroom
In 2017, Qball founder, Shane Cox decided to try his luck pitching the Qball to billionaire investors on Shark Tank. He walked out with a killer deal from three sharks: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Rohan Oza; and, an awesome platform to continue to promote engagement through active listening… with an extra dose of fun.

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How the Qball works

The Qball was designed to work with practically any audio setup—
including PA systems, portable speakers, and more.

Soft, but *super* durable

Squishy and soft = no trips to the FirstAid cabinet. Winning!

Smart Microphone

The Qball knows when to be quiet—like automatically muting while being tossed, when it's idle, and more.

Easy-Peasy Setup

Setup Qball audio quickly, through new or existing speakers. Like buttah.

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"I constantly see more hands . . . "

"I love seeing students who otherwise would not be brave enough to answer take a chance at talking in front of their peers. I also love the engagement the Qball brings by giving students a stronger and louder voice during class."

Madison P.

"No more excuses of 'I didn't hear!' "

"Students love to toss the ball around and some actively seek to answer so they can do the tossing and catching . . . On a personal note, I have extreme voice fatigue. I use the ball constantly during instruction so I don't have to raise my voice and everyone in the room can hear me!”

Kimberly K

"My students LOVE it . . . "

“The Qball is a quality product that is fun to use in the classroom. My students LOVE it and are always highly engaged in discussions when we use the Qball.”

Kasey B.