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Qball PRO

Qball is simple to set up and use!
Simply connect to a portable speaker, existing audio system, smartboard & projector, or any powered speaker with a 3.5mm (AUX) port.

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What Teachers Are Saying...

"My students love using the Qball, which they named "Blue". Using the Qball has increased participation in my class as everyone is excited to throw and catch "Blue" around the room. I would highly recommend it to any teacher. "

Kimberly G.

"I absolutely love having my QBall in my classroom. It’s a great way to get students engaged in classroom conversation and allow them to practice public speaking. Students who once were quiet and shy are now raising their hand wanting to share out. I love it!"

Emma T.

"My kids love using the ball! They all want to read - even my quiet ones. I get more participation from all students and want to throw the ball and hear their friends' response."

Martha G.

Give Everyone a Voice

Every class, meeting and event is an opportunity to change lives. But that’s only possible if people can hear and learn from each other.

Qball gives everyone a chance to participate in a fun and exciting way!

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