Challenge: Competing with Distractions

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Teacher: Janeen Fait-Herkert

“This is amazing technology! Our classroom is 1:1 with iPads and the Qball adds to the fun of participation. The age of my students really tests the capabilities of the Qball and it comes through with flying colors! It performs way beyond my expectations. There are some exceptional troubleshooting and proactive problem-solving features in regards to actual use in the classroom. There are no “thumping” noises when thrown, or when it hits the ground. The Qball is well built like the engineers gave it to young children to discover all the ways they could break it…then they made it so it cannot be broken. Kudos to a great product! Well worth the cost-this will last!”


Our classroom does not have air-conditioning, so fans are running a lot of the time. Fans make background noise that makes it difficult for students to hear and pay attention to lessons. We also have students with hearing disabilities and those who struggle to stay on task. Using a regular microphone that had to be handed to students took a lot of “walking” around time. It’s not like we could just throw the microphone around the room – not only would it break, but it…would…be…so…loud!!!


Since using the Qball, many more of my students volunteer to read aloud! Students that would usually watch others respond to questions are eagerly responding! We have visitors to the room who want to use the Qball!

Why Qball?

Qball is a fun way to “throw the microphone”! I did research and Qball had the best quality and features that actually would be beneficial to a primary classroom. Sturdy, easy to clean, quiet during transition, quality sound, FUN!