Challenge: Poor Participation

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Teacher: Madison Presenza

“When I saw the ad video for the Qball, I instantly knew it would change my classroom. I was gifted my Qball as a back to school present last year in August of 2017. I instantly plugged in and showed my staff. The first day of school I was able to ask questions and use the Qball with students. They absolutely love the process, and I constantly see more hands when using it during discussion.”



The "deer in the headlights" example from the contest video puts our issue into words. Before the Qball, and on days when I don't have it ready to use, I have the same hands going up during each class. Students depend on the few avid talkers to carry the conversation along, and I end up having to ask others to talk.



I love seeing students who otherwise would not be brave enough to answer take a chance at talking in front of their peers. I also love the engagement the Qball brings by giving students a stronger and louder voice during class.


Why Qball?

I love the design, ease, and user friendly set up that the Qball offers. I knew that students would love the process as well.