Challenge: Reluctant ELL Students

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Teacher: Tia Thompson

“Before using the Qball I was always seeing the same two or three students participate in classroom discussion. It was extremely difficult to coax my quiet and shy students to put themselves out there and answer a question. After receiving the Qball I noticed a drastic change in participation. Students are excited about sharing ideas and want to make comments and answer questions using the Qball. This product has really brought our discussions and classroom to life!”


I teach in a school where the majority of students are English Language Learners. Because of this, many times they are reluctant to share, comment, discuss, or answer questions because they may not be as proficient English speakers as others in the class. I wanted to bring in a fun and engaging way to encourage everyone to participate in classroom discussions! The Qball has really helped everyone in the classroom have a voice!

The Impact:

I have seen a tremendous impact on the class due to the Qball. Students are excited to read aloud, answer questions, and participate in discussion because they want a chance to use the Qball. Even my most reluctant students are participating! The Qball has helped so many students find their voice in the classroom!

Why Qball?

I chose the Qball because it is a fun and interactive way for students to participate in discussion and with one another.