Challenge: Teacher Voice Fatigue

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Teacher: Kimberly Keatley

“Saw Qball on an advertisement, and didn’t think twice about spending my own money to purchases for my middle school science classroom. I have a room with two fans that are constant, until 15 minutes after school ends. This background noise made it very difficult to hear students in the classroom along with the fact that students are very soft spoken. Has made a HUGE difference in attention level, no more excuses of “I didn’t hear”. Students love to toss the ball around and some actively seek to answer so they can do the tossing and catching. Finally, on a personal note, I have extreme voice fatigue. I use the ball constantly during instruction so I don’t have to raise my voice and everyone in the room can hear me!”


Voice fatigue. Students talking softly. Background noise of fans in the classroom making it very difficult to hear even loud spoken students.


My voice fatigue is gone. Students are interested in using the device and if not in use, ask where it is. Even the most soft-spoken students can be heard. Amazing product, wish I had it 10 years ago.

Why Qball?

I also own an Aver microphone. I use that on occasion (especially when we have chromebooks out and in use), but students prefer the active nature of the Qball.