Defend Your Opinion

Defend Your Opinion

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Teacher: Danielle C.

Activity: Defend Your Opinion 

Value: Students learn to support their opinions with facts

  • Students are given a statement  or a quote and then “vote” anonymously (I use google forms) on whether or not the agree or disagree with the statement.

  • Once everyone has voted I show them the graph and take the smallest group and ask for a volunteer to say why they voted that way. If there are no volunteers I check my form and pick a student.

  • I toss the Qball to them and they get to defend their “vote”. All others must listen, they may not raise their hand or express a disagreement. When they are done they toss the Qball to the next volunteer or speaker I have chosen.

  • After 3 students defend their answer. The opposing side gets to speak and get tossed the Qball.

  • We do this often so students volunteer more regularly after the first few times.