Qball Math Flash

Qball Math Flash

| Ideas

Teacher: Katie H.

Activity: Qball Math Flash 

Value: Math facts

  • Students will get in a circle.

  • Teacher will start with the Qball in hand. Teacher will give an addition problem (example: 8 + 2), call a students name, and throw the Qball to the student.

  • The student will catch the Qball and answer the equation and give another addition problem. Then the student will call another student’s name and pass the Qball.

  • The QBall Math Flash will continue until all students have had the opportunity to participate.

  • The object of the QBall Math Flash game is to go as quickly as you can answering equations and throwing it to the next student.

    (QBall Math Flash could be modified to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)