Corporations & Meetings


Make Them Fun Exciting

Easy to Integrate

The Qball works with most business phone and speakerphone systems that include an external mic input.

see FAQ for details

Live Stream In Person Meetings

Live-stream all those hands-on meetings with just a smart phone and the Qball. We'll make sure nobody misses a thing!

Record Meetings

Writing down meeting notes is a thing of the past. Record those meetings easily, all you need is a webcam and a Qball and you’ll be sure to capture every word!

We play nice with other apps too!


Drop us a line or consult our FAQ and have a look at our technology page.


“I purchased this ball for one of my daughter’s teachers. I am the school nurse and I encourage movement in the classroom. The Qball is a great tool to add a little movement that gives the most soft spoken student a fun way to be heard.”

- Kieran